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SEGPAY Online Adult Billing Solutions

Meet, greet and sell from the comfort of your Showcase Station.

Station fee includes a skirted 24x24" table and 48x84" signage (you provide artwork). Electricity is also provided. Showcase Stations will be positioned throughout the area, so there is NO "Bad Spot". Exhibit investment is only $2000 USD.

SIMPLE ENOUGH : We provide everything! You simply need to bring business cards, maybe a laptop (Free Wireless Internet provided), some Flyers/documentation, and that's it ! You're all set, ready to make good business!

Showcase Booth investment is only $2000.00

We're setting the stage for another successful event. Now all we need is you!

If you are new in the industry, having a Booth or Showcase Table will save you many years of simply attending by giving higher visibility to your organization, since a lot of the industry does not necessarily know what you have to offer and that you can't meet everyone while you are walking the show floor. With an Exhibition Booth, you have a very efficient way to display your products or services and get the attention you deserve.

If you are an established company in the Industry, having an Exhibition Booth opens the door to new and seasoned webmasters that would not simply bump into you walking the floor.

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Exhibiting at QWEBEC Expo Works!

It works because it's face-to-face. It provides you an opportunity to accelerate the selling cycle by matching attendee needs with your ability to fill their needs. It works because adults are visual learners and exhibiting is a visual medium. The exhibit, your products, the graphics, collateral materials and promotional products are visual. Lastly, buyers are experiential. You can provide them an experience through the dynamics of the exhibiting process – interactive visual aids, challenges, and hands-on demonstrations.

Past events that have been presented by QWEBEC Expo have drawn really good crowds of decisions makers, and we expect this event to be even bigger! Please, take a few moments to review all the available opportunities, and sign up to participate at QWEBEC Expo

If you are provider of:

  • Affiliate Programs
  • Billing/Credit Card Processing
  • Online Checking
  • Adult Verification Services
  • Webmaster Resources
  • Video Streaming Services
  • Content Pruducer
  • Content Protection
  • Internet Law Services
  • Customers Services
  • Search Engines/Tools
  • Web Statistics services
  • Or simply a mainstream company who wants to put a foot in the Entertainment Internet Business ...


    At only 2000$ for a your own Showcase Station, There is NO REASON to not Exhibit!
    Exhibits Reservations close on Friday July 28th 2018

    Benefits of Exhibiting at QWEBEC Expo:

    • Meet hundreds of new partners
    • Develop a quality prospects database
    • Develop a personal and direct relationship with your clients
    • Show your full product range in real life
    • Let buyers gain a full appreciation of your product/service
    • Get immediate feedback on your product range
    • Overcome objections and accelerate the buying process
    • Raise your profile in the industry and Add value to your brands
    • Locate new agents and affiliates for your program
    • Launch your newest products or programs
    • Reach out to new business
    • Share industry knowledge and experience
    • Increased Media and Industry Exposure

    First come, first served !




    Showcase Station has the advantage of setting you free if you don't want to spend most of your time at a booth and prefer to hang around and mingle with other attendees. Just leave your business cards and literature on it for others to pick it up. Of course we strongly suggest you be present at your spot during afternoons Coffee Breaks.

    This package also gives you a table at our Meet market event set for Saturday 15 to 17h, so we suggest you keep your swags and giveaways for this occasion.

    This space is 48x30" and include the following distinctive benefits:

    • 24" skirted table on Tradeshow's Floor for the duration of the event (2 days)
    • 48" wide standing banner (you provide artwork)
    • One Table at Meet Market Event
    • Banner & Bio site's Exhibitors & Sponsors pages
    • Logo Button on Exhibitors page in Showguide
    • One Flyer or promotional article in attendees bags

    Only 7 Showcase Table available out of 14

    Showcase Station : $2000.00


    * You can buy up to 2 additional badges per station @ only $100 each.
    High Speed Internet Access : Wireless
    Showcase Stations Reservations close on Friday July 28th 2018

    You might want to consider the Meet market as well.


    Saturday from 15h to 17h. Get some undivided attention while you showcase your products or services during our fast paced & exciting Meet Market.

    Meet Market Table Space is 36x30" and include the following distinctive benefits:

    • 3' table in Toscane Meeting Room for the duration of the Meet Market event (2 hours)
    • Logo Button on Exhibitors page in Showguide
    • Button on site's Exhibitors & Sponsors pages
    • Your Business Card in Official Show bags

    Only 1 Meet-Market Table available out of 24

    Meet Market Table : $500.00


    * You can buy up to 2 additional badges per booth space @ only $100 each.
    High Speed Internet Access : Wireless
    Meet Market Tables Reservations close on Monday July 31st 2018

    If you need more information on exhibiting please contact us


    Need some Roll-Up Banners for your Booth or table ? Thru our division '' we can accommodate all your printing needs. You can have a 32" x 83" Roll-Up banner delivered to you at the show for only $180. The banners is yours to bring back home for your next event.

    You can find a complete PSD template HERE.

    Roll-Up Banner : $180.00


    * You can buy up to 2 additional badges per booth space @ only $100 each.
    High Speed Internet Access : Wireless
    Meet Market Tables Reservations close on Monday July 25th 2018

    Booth Equipement

    For all the equipment to meet your special needs, you can contact our Show official supplier DECOR EXPERT. For tables, chairs, counters, carpeting, plants, lighting system, modular stands, curtains, audio-visual equipment, poster boards, etc. They can also help if you need Booth setup/teardown, Customs and duties arrangements, etc ...

    DECOR EXPERT :: Telephone: (450) 646-2251 - Fax: (450) 646-6342

    QWEBEC Expo Storage/Transportation

    As much as we appreciate your business, please note that QWEBEC Expo is not a freight/transportation nor a storage service provider. Please understand we travel to Montreal with a GMC Savana cargo van which is already packed to the roof and beyond weight capacity. Unfortunately, we cannot bring anything for you to Montreal, neither we are able to bring it back to our place and store them to bring it back to Montreal next year...

    Hotel Storage

    The hotel does not charge fees for the storage of equipment for up to two days before and/or after the event. Upon request, the crew of the hotel without help transports equipment to the exhibition area or event registration. However, the hotel recommends a tip of at least one dollar per box is provided to team members. Higher amounts applies for very large box and crates ..

    The hotel can assist the customer regarding the parcel. However, the customer will be responsible for packaging and pre-address all parcels. He will also complete a form of declaration for customs for shipments Off-Canada .. The shipping fee is payable by credit card. Material should be shipped for arrival between Monday August and Thursday August August 3th 2018. Check with your transportation service provider, they will be able to help you schedule your freight to get it in Montreal at the right time. Your packages should be shipped to :

      1180 rue de la Montagne

      Montreal, Quebec

      H3G 1Z1, CANADA

    As you know, we love making your life easier, so here is a WAY-BILL label you can fill and paste on your boxes for easy shipping. The material from abroad (USA or other) must be cleared. The services of a recognized customs broker are highly recommended as NOVOTEL MONTREAL's Docks Services can not assume any Freight, Customs, Taxes or Duties Charges.

    QWEBEC Expo Exhibit Setup and Tear down

    Friday August 4th 2018 - 06:00 to 09:00
    Location : Novotel Main Lobby

    You can park your car at front or at loading docks for a few minute to unload your boxes and bring them to the registration desk. Please go park your car before starting your setup. Booths setup should be finished for 10 AM. Showcase Tables exhibitors can setup in few minutes and bring their stuff with them thru the lobby and stairs.

    Saturday August 5th 2018 - 17:00 to 19:00
    Location : Novotel Main Lobby

    Exhibitors can move out their objects the same they used to get in. If by car, please have your stuff ready before bringing your car, you can park your car for a few minute to load your boxes and clear the doors. Thank you for your collaboration.

    No Sponsorship Package will be reserved untill payment received in full. First come first served.
    Last year sponsors have the first option on their packages until May 15th 2018
    Main Sponsors & Booth Exhibitor can buy up to 2 additional staff badges per booth space @ only $100 each. (sorry, no substitution)
    Table Exhibitor can buy up to 2 additional staff badges per table space @ only $100 each.
    Final Payment must be received In Full prior Friday July 27th 2018
    Sponsorship packages are not refundable.

    All currencies are in US funds.
    Banners & Buttons sizes : 468X60 & 120X60. JPG or GIF as long as they are both in the same format. (Sorry no Flash Banners)

    QWEBEC Expo Exhibitors

    Booths Exhibitors

    B 01 : JASMIN

    AWE offers some of the highest possible affiliate commissions: 35-45% RevShare and Lifetime, up to $300 PPS, and 35-45% on the Whitelabel sites, based on domain tracking! Not only that, but our payouts have also been punctual and reliable in the last ten years. Earnings are sent every two weeks, via your choice of the following cost-efficient e-Wallet based payment methods: Firstchoice Pay, ePayService. US paper check is also an option.

    Being the top webcam affiliate program, we love our affiliates, pay attention to their feedbacks and suggestions, work hard to live up to their expectations - and strive to exceed them.


    B 02 : TERPON

    Terpon is pushing the boundaries of immersive live streaming webcams with its new line of 3D-VR cameras. Designed without concessions on price point, aesthetics, or technological excellence, these revolutionary cameras bring a new dimension to sensual exploration. Increase your revenue as your customers enjoy becoming fully immersed in their favorite adult content with VR performers they can almost touch thanks to plug-and-play virtual reality devices from Terpon!



    AdultForce is the #1 destination for your adult traffic monetization. The worlds best products, tools and detailed analytics under one roof. Anything custom can be provided. The whole team is always at your service. Join us today and make the biggest payout in the business!


    B 04 : SEGPAY

    SegPay is one of the world’s leading providers of online payment processing services. Since 2005, SegPay has offered online merchants a state-of-the-art billing platform that provides real time payment processing around the globe. SegPay helps protect online merchants with its proprietary Fraud Mitigation System™ and provides unmatched customer service and support. For more information on the company, visit


    Showcases Exhibitors

    S 09 : DIALXS

    Since the year 2000 DialXS has been delivering telecom and payment solutions as a trusted partner of many companies and institutions. We ensure that visitors of your website can pay quickly and easily for the services and products you offer. DialXS is innovative and cooperative and guarantees to deliver secure and reliable technologies. We are known for acting flexible and customer directed in every situation.


    S 10 : CAVECREEK

    Over the past 20 years, the hosting world has changed in more ways than you can imagine. The one thing that has stayed consistent is the level of unmatched customer service with Cavecreek Hosting. We offer only completely dedicated hosting solutions that provide every customer with an isolated environment for the websites or online applications. You never share a server or storage with another client.

    Our custom dedicated solutions offer complete peace-of-mind with optional dedicated firewall services, load balancing appliances and even redundant uplinks to our enterprise grade, five carrier Internet connectivity.


    For more than 15 years, Montreal-based Gamma Entertainment has been managing award-winning Websites for the adult entertainment industry by providing new products and programs, using the latest available technology. Established in 1996 by President Karl Bernard, Gamma has grown from a single-Website home-based business to a major force in the adult industry with over 175 full time employees using cutting edge technology.



    AdXpansion is the worldwide leader in targeted advertising for the adult market. Advertisers use keywords to target the consumers they want while publishers earn more money by selling their traffic to the highest bidders. AdXpansion is quickly becoming the preferred solution for buying and selling adult traffic.



    AgeChecked is a newly formed UK based company, part of the growing Fintec community that is based around Shoreditch in London. AgeChecked provides age-verification services to diverse sectors throughout Europe. AgeChecked is part of the Digital Policy Alliance, a politically neutral, cross-party policy voice of the internet and technology centre, and is a sponsor of the British Standards Institute Publically Available Specification on Online Age Verification.

    The number one 'plug & play' online age verification system: Fastest verifications / Widest customer choice / Highest match rates


    S 20 : PAXUM

    Ever wished your bank was more flexible to your needs? Paxum is the solution. Paxum Inc. is not a banking institution but we offer most of the services that your bank might do plus many more as an e-wallet system. As a business owner your daily operations might include paying numerous employees, affiliates or vendors. As a Paxum business account holder, you can save a lot of time, headaches and money by using our e-wallet system for all your financial needs. You can instantly issue Paxum personal accounts to your employees or affiliates and pay them by transferring money from your Paxum business current account to theirs. The money is available right away in their e-wallet account. This is the fastest and most cost effective method to pay people nowadays. We offer you a one-stop solution for most of your business needs so you can concentrate on running and growing your business.

    We are a Canadian based company and welcome clients from all over the world.



    As previous advertisers, our team is well aware of the struggles of day to day offer management coupled with the lack of useful platform analytics available. Chargeback Hero was built to fill that gap. In addition to being the most comprehensive, automated Chargeback Representment Platform on the market, capable of recovering over 75% of lost revenue, Chargeback Hero provides a true advertiser dashboard. With reports tailored to your needs, our platform helps you grow your brand.