Become a QWEBEC EXPO Sponsor TODAY!

With a very comprehensive price schedule, sponsoring QWEBEC Expo will easily pay for itself. We want you back next year and we make everything in our power that every dollars invested sponsoring our event gets back to you in terms of brand recognition, new business and beyond.


We have managed a lot of opportunities to allow even the smallest companies to be able to take part of the action. The benefits start once a sponsorship is confirmed so there are definite advantages to signing on early.


All of our sponsorships packages include the following, on top of their distinctive benefits:

  • Banner & Bio on website's Sponsorships page
  • Button on all site's insides pages (Left column)
  • One Flyer or promotional article in attendees bags
  • Welcome Post w/ Bio & Banner on major industry boards and social networks
  • Your Logo Ads running on showfloor's Flat Screens
  • Mention and link in all our emails communications signature
  • First right of refusal on next year



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